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Carpentry and Stairways

We share are ideas and examples of some of the home improvements we have made.

Contemporary Stair Railing Design.

Metal balusters have been popular in stair railings for years. They started out with a few traditional designs and as the demand increased, more styles became available. Contemporary or simple lines are becoming very attractive to many homeowners. Stair part...

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Herriman fireplace mantel

This fireplace was typical of many newer homes than just have sheet rock around the fireplace. We added this mantel to the room and it made a dramatic improvement to the feel of the room.  

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This is a small stair remodel we completed in Sandy.

This is a small stair remodel we completed in Sandy. The metal balusters have a unique rectangle pattern that complements the square design of the railing and newel posts perfectly. We used hickory for the post and railing giving the home a durable and elagant look....

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Bedroom storage ideas

It seems that you can never have to much space  to organize and store items in a room. You want the room to be attractive and it also has to be functional. There are many ways to increase the storage in a room. If the room has a closet, you can add more shelving to...

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Open up your home with a stairway remodel

  Many homes when they are built have walls on the sides of the stair. The walls create a closed in feeling and make the home feel smaller. The walls are usually built to save money, as sheet rocked walls are cheaper than wood stair railings. I have remodeled...

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A quick and easy stair rail transformation

I recently finished a stair project in a home in the Salt Lake valley. The home has some very nice details in it and it is in a great neighborhood. The stair rail is is the focal point of the entry wall and it was not making the statement that the home owners wanted....

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Traditional newel post

A stair railing gives you many design choices. There are few things in your home that give you as many ways to customize as your stair railing. A well designed stair railing can be the focal point of your entry and set the tone for your home. There are three main...

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Window trim will give your house character

Every home has windows and for the majority of them, they could be more decorative.  Before  Sheetrock became popular every window had wood trim around them. If you look at homes built before the 1950’s you will see wood casing around the windows. This is one of the...

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Wood stair options

Stairs are more than a way to move from one floor to another. They can be a focal point of your home and increase the value of your house. Homeowners are discovering that you have many options when building stairs. It is hard to beat the look and feel that wood stairs...

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