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Utah maple fireplace mantel

Maple mantel and TV cabinet.

A fireplace is the center of a room and a mantel gives the fireplace personality and warmth. Fireplaces are an important part of Utah homes and the mantel is the finishing touch.  We build fireplace mantels that are custom designed for your home.  The mantel can be just a shelf across the top of your fireplace or have legs below the shelf.  The mantel can be built out of inexpensive paint grade material or the finest in hardwoods. We will work with you to create a mantel that will add style to your20151020 111429 house and be the focal point of the room.  Fireplaces add value to your home and are incomplete without a well designed mantel.  The mantel can stand alone or be part of a larger built in shelving system.  A properly designed and installed fireplace mantel will enhance the feel of your home and give you years of enjoyment.

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