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Sandy Utah stair remodel

We removed a wall on both sides of the stairway


Many homes when they are built have walls on the sides of the stair. The walls create a closed in feeling and make the home feel smaller. The walls are usually built to save money, as sheet rocked walls are cheaper than wood stair railings. I have remodeled many Utah homes where the walls have been removed and stair rails are put in their place.  I have found that the cost to upgrade to a stair rail, costs less than what the home builder would have charge to put the railing in when the house was being built. It seems that home builder like to make a big profit on upgrades to homes.

The process of removing the walls and installing the stair rail is a task that take only a few days to complete. There is very little mess made during the remodel and you can continue your normal home routine.  The railing can be prefinished before it is installed so that you will not have and stain or oder fill your house.

The transformation will make a dramatic change to the look and feel of your home. The richness and warmth of the stair rail will add value and comfort to your home. Your home will feel bigger and the opening between the different floor levels will be opened up. A skilled carpenter will make the whole process go smoothly and make you wish that you had remodeled your stair way sooner.