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window trim work Every home has windows and for the majority of them, they could be more decorative.  Before  Sheetrock became popular every window had wood trim around them. If you look at homes built before the 1950’s you will see wood casing around the windows. This is one of the main things that gives older home charm and warmth.  Builders found that they could save money by wrapping Sheetrock on the window openings and installing  corner bead to finish the edge.  This has made homes less inviting and without much character.  Another problem with Sheetrock on the window sill is that is not desined to get wet and with condensation on the windows it decays and allows mold to grow on it.

An easy solution is to install wood windows sills. They are durable and make your windows more appealing.  Wood window sills or stools are inexpensive and easy to add to a window opening.  There are many styles to choose from and they can easily match your existing trim.  You can use a paint grade material or stain them for a warmer and expensive look.  The next step up is to add casing around the other three sides of the window.  This will really make your windows stand out and bring detail to your room.  Casing can go around all four sides of the window to give a picture frame look or rest on the sill  with the sill sticking out beyond the casing.  The casing can be uniform around the window or the top header piece can be a different size to really add personality to your windows.  The top piece of trim or pediment can be taller and extend out past the side casing.

craftsman window trim
craftsman style window casing

A good finish carpenter can help you pick out the right style and look that will make your home more inviting and appealing.  Window trim can be installed over the existing Sheetrock with very little mess and in a short time.  With the introduction of composites and medium density fiberboard;  large and detailed trim is more affordable than ever and comes in more varieties than was possible in the past.  You can add the charm and detail to your home that the older homes have.  You can have the durability of modern windows with the detail found in older wood windows.  Window trim will increase the value of your home and give you more design options.

window casingwindow trim with pedimentwindow casingwindow sill

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