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old stair rail

Old Stair Rail

I recently finished a stair project in a home in the Salt Lake valley. The home has some very nice details in it and it is in a great neighborhood. The stair rail is is the focal point of the entry wall and it was not making the statement that the home owners wanted. Instead of tearing everything out and starting over, we saved the stair parts that the owners liked and replaced everything else. This saved money and made the remodeling project go faster. We replaced the white wood balusters with new wrought iron balusters. The new balusters

new stair rail
New Stair Rail

have an oil rubbed copper finish that matches the hardware in the home. The simple procedure of exchanging the balusters completely changed the look and feel of the stairway. It updated  the home and gave it a contemporary look. The entire remodeling project was completed in a few days.