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Skill saws are versatile, allowing you to handle all projects big and small. For professionals that use them often and through thicker materials, finding a saw that is not going to let you down is essential and choosing the right saw for you and your projects is a must. When it comes to money, it’s wise to keep in mind that money does make a difference in the value that you receive in the skill saw that you buy. While you can find good saws at affordable prices, a cheaper price may also signify cheaper quality, only making you go back to purchase yet another skill saw for your home improvement plans.


Best Skill Saws

Makita Magnesium 5007MGAUtah professional carpenter

Rated as one of the best across many professionals in the industry, the Makita Magnesium packs a lot of power. The ergonomic design removes the worry of hand fatigue while cutting, while the powerful, raw power of 15-amps, producing 5,800 rpm slices through any material. The maximum depth of 2.5 inches at a 90-degree angle and 1 3/4 inches at a 45-degree angle make cuts smoother and more efficient. Plug into a 120-volt outlet and cut through various projects with ease.

DeWALT DWE575SBcontemporary stair rail

Weighing just 8.8 lbs., it is one of the lightest skill saws on the market. Easily and effectively cut quickly while at a job site. Cutting 2 9/16 inches deep at a 90-degree angle provides smooth cutting capabilities, while the 1 29/32 inches at a 45-degree angle provides more cutting capabilities. The power behind this 15-amp saw gives it 5,200 rpm of power. Run it through a 120-volt outlet and you’re set to cut through thick materials.

Bosch CS5Utah carpentry tools

The left blade design on this saw gives you more visibility while working on projects. This also provides the smoothest cutting experience with the 15-amps of power and up to 6,200 rpm. You can easily slice through up to 2x the amount of material than other saw options. Whether you’re working on a contemporary stair rail, door frames or anything else, the Bosch CS5 has a quiet operation, which is ideal if working on a quiet work site.


Worst Skill Saws

Black & Decker CS1015professional contractor in IUtah

Though it is a top name brand, this Black & Decker saw doesn’t have a lot of power and makes changing out the blade inside harder to do. It is lightweight, coming in at 8.6 lbs., but due to the small size, doesn’t cut through thicker, rougher materials as easily, even though it gets up to 5,500 rpm. The design makes it harder to cut intricate cuts on various materials, which may be a downfall for some.
Craftsman 10870Utah home improvement contractor

This model has some flaws, as well as some pros. The laser attached to the design helps cut perfect lines through materials. It however, does not do a good job at removing the saw dust from the area. Running at 14-amps and pulling 5,000 rpm, this saw doesn’t pack a lot of smooth, efficient power that you might find with some of the other options on the market. Smaller, intricate cuts can be made but thicker, longer cuts might not be a good way to go.

Whether you are a professional contractor or a homeowner searching for a contractor to complete a little work on your home, having the right tools, and knowing that they will last throughout the tough demands of the work at hand is vital to the end results of any home improvement job. Before you head out to the hardware store for your next Skill Saw or any other tool, especially power tools, be sure to do a little research to compare a few side by side before you make your purchase.


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