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Carpentry and Stairways

We share are ideas and examples of some of the home improvements we have made.

Crown molding

One of the quickest and inexpensive ways to add style to a room is by adding crown molding. Crown molding goes between the wall and the ceiling,  giving a room character. It has been said that a house without crown molding is like a picture without a frame.  Crown...

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Energy efficient exterior doors.

I recently met with a home owner that had a front door that was hollow inside. The door has been on the house for 50 years. I couldn't help to think how much money had been lost over the years through heat loss. New exterior doors are much more energy efficient...

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Don’t settle for boring interior doors

Over the fast few years many new door styles have been created.  Most homes have interior doors that are the same style as all the houses around them.  You can make a dramatic difference to the feel of your home by updating your doors into a new style. doors...

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