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aluminum porch railing

Aluminum porch railing

With the coming of winter weather, I have had a few clients want to add a stair railing to their front porch.  They are concerned about people slipping on their steps when the snow flies. This got me looking around at houses and I am surprised at how many houses do not have a hand rail on their front porch steps. Slipping on stairs is one of the most common residential injuries. With the aging population it is more important than ever to ensure that stairs are safe and easy to climb.

vinyl porch railing
Vinyl railing

Fortunately it is fairly simple and affordable to add a stair rail to a set of steps. There are more choices then ever before of low maintenance materials to build the railing with. Vinyl is the lowest cost option and can be a good choice. It comes in white and off white colors. With a quality manufacturer it will be very durable and strong. Composite railings will give you more design options than vinyl, comes in more colors and has a more secure feel. With composite railings you can use composite or metal balusters, giving you a custom look. It is more expensive than vinyl and better products come with a 25 year warranty. Metal railings are a very good choice and come in either aluminum or iron. Aluminum railings come in several colors and are the lowest priced metal railings. Iron railings are stronger than aluminum and you have more color options and styles to choose from. The better metal railings are galvanized so they will not rust and have a baked on powder coated finish for durability.

Iron stair railing
iron stair rail

Which ever type of railing you use it needs to be properly installed to meet building codes, for your safety. It needs to be installed securley so that it will have a solid feel and withstand years of use. For a professional stair builder the stair rail will go in quickly and give your home the peace of mind that your stairs are safe to climb.